Your body is your temple. You only have one, so why waste or abuse it?


“Why him?” you ask.

Well, I could waffle on with all the sterotypes of Personal Trainer profiles. However I believe a truly informed decision can only be made following an experience – so I invite you to join me for a session – try out what you’re getting before you buy.

As you can see from this site, I use a different approach when helping to create a well-balanced body – the Temple8 Blueprint. This blueprint involves training the body hard, whilst challenging the mind and adopting a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

My training always varies from client to client. However, my principles are always the same: “Don’t stop. Always In.” Just when you think you are at your limit, that’s when it gets really interesting. I’ll “tighten the screws” just a little bit more. I have found that my method to have proven itself time and time again with many previous clients over the past few years. Incremental rewards and results all form part of a much bigger picture.

Remember though, that I’m not a magician. So if you come thinking that my words are some kind of magic fairy dust and you will be transformed with minimal effort, then I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed. I will need 100% effort and comitment from you (both inside and outside the gym), and together we’ll achieve big. Remember, results are earned and not given.

Personal Trainer


My passion is training clients on a one-2-one basis (groups are also possible!), and giving that true personal touch. I’m based in London (E14), but I also travel to clients further afield when required.

I’ve also been asked to train internationally on the occasion, something which I’m more than happy to do – though bear in mind that my rates for this differ.

How much does it all cost?

We follow the principle that ‘nothing is given, but is instead earned’, the main thing people tend to ask me first is how much does this all cost. Some people speculate: “can you really put a cost on your health”, and my answer is always “yes!”.

However, cost will invariably depend on your goals and the amount of time you’d like to spend working towards achieving them. My proven methods are results orientated, allowing you to spend less time in the gym and more out in the world – achieving what you’d like to achieve from life. After all, time is an extremely precious commodity. Get in touch to discuss your best options, with a wide variety of payment options available.

Personal Trainer

Online Personal Training

Nutritional assessments and guidance.

No matter where you are in your walk of fitness, nutrition is the keystone to building a better temple. So before we start you will be required to fill in a dietary assessment form, which will form the basis of your bespoke training plan. Along with this I’ll ask that you keep a food diary, helping you to take ownership of your nutritional intake and helping me to make appropaite changes based directly on your habits. Remember, this is a lifestyle – so there’s no need to be scared of the occasional hiccup. Depending on your goals, we can create a supplementary dietary blueprint for you.

Bespoke Exercise Programs.

We’ll create a bespoke program for you, to match your ability, level of fitness and goals. We’ll combine resistance work, aerobic workouts and active rest days. Each program can be 4, 6 or 8 weeks in duration, depending on your goals. It will be up to you to honestly let me know how you are doing and what load (weight)  repetitions you are really doing, so that I can accurately plan your sessions. As you work through them, we can upload your results and account for them on your next plan.


I’ll always be available for 24/7 online support. I might not be there physically, but I’m only a screen away, and here for you if you have any questions regarding your exercise or nutrition plan, and also for any updates you may have.