In my younger years at school, I was the classic “last kid to be picked” in any sport or game. I wasn’t exactly blessed with the God-like skills and physiques of my fellow pupils (including the girls!). I always struggled to enjoy anything related to sport and never really enjoyed them (apart from watching from the side lines, obviously).

It wasn’t until I’d left school and didn’t have the compulsory requirement to do exercise that I realised I’d have to get some sort of fitness on. So, like any young guy looking to shed a few pounds, I decided to join a gym and become an Arnold Schwarzenegger! However, it wasn’t until I had taken it upon myself to learn the correct techniques to become stronger and bigger and faster (I’d just joined a rugby team.) that i realised how interested I was in body training.

Soon, I was training all my mates for practice. The common reaction was “Jase! You’re good at this – you’ve got a career here!”,  and there lay the beginning of my life as a Trainer. I have always believed that if you love what you do, you’ll never feel like you’re working.

To this day, I love what I do. I get to help people change their lives every day.

I like to think of my approach to training as similar to an iceberg: there’s so much more to it than you see on the surface. With me, you will be pushed and pushed and pushed (my Dad always said to me – “You never know when to stop!” – maybe he foresaw this career in me from a very early age.) But there’s also a softer side to the process, where you will learn more about yourself on the inside, growing as you do so, and as I learn alongside you, and get to know your body too, my process only gets slicker.

I mainly work around East London and the City of London. However, recently I have also been travelling abroad to work with various clients. I also hold online sessions.

Ever since I began life as a trainer over a decade ago, I have always wanted to do just one thing – to help as many people as possible, from as many different walks of life as possible, to grow with their bodies. Because being  fit or reaching goals shouldn’t just be for a select few.