The Temple8 Bodymap Blueprint is built on three lines of symmetry: Training, Nutrition and Psychology.



▪ Training should be treated as an essential daily component of our lives, not a chore.
▪ From basic elementary exercise such as walking, running and swimming; through to advanced functional training.
▪ Everything should be geared towards achieving the marginal gains which will cumulatively help achieve your individual goals.



▪ Nutrition should be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and an essential component of a training regime.
▪ The correct nutritional programme will act as a catalyst to achieving your overall training goals.
▪ Healthy food can be both nutritious and delicious, and should not be confused with faddish short-term diet plans.



▪ Achieving the correct mental approach is an ongoing process – fine-tuning our psyche with a sensible, grounded approach.
▪ We must learn to reset our mental attitude to focus on, and visualise, the longer-term game plan.
▪ Lots of small changes to your lifestyle will result in one huge one.


In a triangle each line of symmetry is equal. There is not a first among equals. All create balance.

‘8’ represents balance – 8 hours work, rest and play. But also new beginnings, goal orientation and focus.


  • “You will work harder than you ever thought you could; but if you put your trust in Jason and commit 100% – you will look and feel better than you ever did.”

    Mohsin Rashid - Existing Client

  • “Awesome. Jason’s the best PT who has ever trained me – and there have been many. I am a hard gainer and struggled in the past to build. Jason doesn’t accept “I can’t” – he pushes you beyond what you thought was possible to achieve your fitness and build goals.”

    Nick Borley - Existing Client

  • “Not only does Jason push, he also listens and adapts. His knowledge with up to date techniques and practices always makes the sessions challenging yet enjoyable. I absolutely believe in jason in helping anyone that wants to achieve their goals, no matter what level trainer you are (he will always kick your butt).”

    Elizabeth Zhang - Existing Client

  • “The results within me are seen not only in the gym but in my workplace and home, making me a happier, less stressed and bettered tempered all-round. Having Jase as my personal trainer is not a luxury but an essential part of my week-to-week routine.”

    Callum Mannix - Existing Client

  • “Jase Smith is a trainer’s trainer. He intuitively knows what buttons to push in the gym and how to communicate in such a way to his clients to bring out the best in in them. His attention to the small details, from exercise form to energy and output levels – sets him apart from the rest.”

    Billy Simmonds - INBA Mr. Universe

  • “Growing up I was never the girl who was picked for the running club, the hockey team, not even rounders. I wanted to get fit and strong and Jase immediately understood my fitness confidence was low, assessed my level of fitness and is integral to my lifestyle change. My perspective has now changed for the better and there’s no going back.”

    Sherry Sall - Existing Client

  • “The best thing about training with Jason is his holistic approach to fitness which considers the mental, physical and nutritional requirements for someone to keep motivated and train hard. That, and his ability to deliver training sessions which are challenging, never repetitive and achieve results.”

    Michelle Drakes - Existing Client


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